Alli Jakstas

Property Manager - Dysart Office


Alli Jakstas - Your Trusted Dysart Real Estate Expert with 7 Years of Local Insight

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Alli, a proud Dysart local with a rich history of seven years in this vibrant community. Beyond merely residing here, I have actively engaged with the community and previously owned a local business, giving me a profound understanding of Dysart’s community.

As your go-to real estate professional in Dysart, I bring a wealth of local insight to the table, particularly when it comes to understanding property trends in Moranbah. My success in the real estate realm is grounded in the belief that effective communication is paramount. I strive to cultivate positive relationships with property owners and tenants alike, ensuring a harmonious and transparent experience for all parties involved.

One of my distinguishing factors is my unwavering commitment to being readily available and going the extra mile for my clients. Whether you are navigating the complexities of renting, I am here to ensure a seamless experience. Count on me for honest, informative information that empowers you at every stage of your Dysart’s real estate journey.

So, if you're in search of a real estate partner who not only understands the market intricacies but is also deeply rooted in the community, look no further.