Welcome to AH Realty, where Annemarie Haywood and her dedicated team proudly serve as the driving force behind our success. As the Principal, I, Annemarie Haywood, have not only built a thriving business but have also established enduring connections within the Moranbah community. Moranbah holds a special place in my heart, serving not just as a location for business but as a cherished home where my family flourishes. Over the years, I've witnessed the growth and potential of Moranbah's real estate market, and it brings me great joy to contribute to its development.

At AH Realty, our team are committed to excellence, we take pride in being recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including numerous Agency of the Year awards in both Dysart & Moranbah, as well as several Agents of the year awards in both these locations. This recognition is a testament to our dedication and expertise in navigating the dynamic real estate landscape in the Bowan Basin.

Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in Moranbah, trust AH Realty to guide you through a seamless and rewarding real estate experience. Join us in celebrating the opportunities that Moranbah offers, and let's make your real estate dreams a reality together.


Moranbah's Premier Real Estate is where excellence meets expertise. Annemarie Haywood, the esteemed real estate expert, boasts an illustrious career spanning back to 1990, with a rich history of success in South Africa and the Gold Coast. Having transitioned her thriving business to Moranbah, Annemarie has become synonymous with real estate excellence, consistently securing top honours and accolades for her outstanding achievements.

In the local real estate industry, Annemarie has proven her prowess, setting records in sales and listings that position her as a true industry leader. Her legacy of success is not only marked by numerous prestigious awards but also by the trust and loyalty of her satisfied clients. Formerly specializing in the central Gold Coast's prestige areas, Annemarie has seamlessly translated her skills to Moranbah, consistently delivering top prices for her vendors.

At the heart of AH Realty’s approach is a commitment to professionalism and integrity, values that have not only defined the business but also fostered enduring relationships with clients. Clients turn to Annemarie and her team for more than just real estate expertise; they seek their advice, honesty, and clarity. The satisfaction of clients is the ultimate testament to AH Realty’s unwavering dedication, with recommendations flowing from existing clients and repeat business becoming a hallmark of the company’s success.

"My clients look to me for advice. They want honesty and clarity. They want a real estate professional who listens. The greatest reward for me is seeing clients become repeat clients and repeat clients become good friends."

Experience the pinnacle of real estate service in Moranbah & Dysart with Annemarie Haywood and her award-winning sales & property management team. Elevate your real estate journey with the expertise that defines the top tier of Moranbah's real estate landscape.