Gerhard Maree

Office Manager/Sales Associate

0407 279 221

Meet Gary, a dynamic force who ventured into the real estate industry in 2019. Since then, Gary has not only embraced the challenges of the field but has ascended to become a highly esteemed and well-known professional agent.

Gary's journey in real estate is punctuated by notable achievements, particularly clinching the Sales Agent of the Year Award in Dysart for an impressive three consecutive years—2021, 2022, and 2023. This remarkable accomplishment not only underscores Gary's unwavering commitment to excellence but also solidifies his standing as a standout figure in the competitive real estate industry.

In his capacity as the Office Manager at AH Realty, Gary skillfully directs and streamlines operations to guarantee the team's success. Additionally, he acts as the reliable sales associate for the esteemed Annemarie Haywood, solidifying his crucial role within the agency.

Gary's dedication, expertise, and strategic vision contribute significantly to AH Realty's ongoing success.